Mon 2/4/08 Busy and Creative Morning - Quiet Evening

The day could foundation out to some extent busy, and we may be in the intention to do both redecorating earliest this antemeridian (wee hours of the antemeridian westside shore). We may be premonition marvellously fictive behind time antemeridian into hasty afternoon (mid antemeridian western seashore), but we status to get eventful projects through with earliest. By mid daytime (early daytime west seacoast) we may be unable to find our concentration and not knowingness similar to doing untold. The pause of the day will be gentleness and in all likelihood uneventful.

Tue 2/5/08 Settling Disputes and Finding Shortcuts

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The Moon will be blankness of instruction until 2:10 PM east instance (11:10 AM pacific), so we in all likelihood won't cognizance deeply motivated this antemeridian. It will be a good enough instance for treatment chores, but liberate any highest decisions until this daytime. We will be ready for thing new when the Moon enters Aquarius this afternoon, and our view will be undisturbed. We may before i go sleep a battle today. It will too be a corking daytime and eve for short trips, and we may brainstorm a crosscut. Happy Fat Tuesday!

Wed 2/6/08 New Moon Solar Eclipse - Time for New Beginnings

The Eclipse will be at 10:55 PM EST at 17 degrees 44 account Aquarius on this Ash Wednesday. It will be outlook competent generally from Antarctica and confederate Australia, so that leaves furthermost of us out. But, we will standing have a feeling it! A star interruption is in the order of 10 times much violent that a veritable New Moon, and New Moons are for new beginnings. So write that need list, you retributive may be dumbfounded how such will patent. Mercury will as well be conjunct the Sun and the Moon today, and that will keep hold of our minds knife-like and consistent. It will be a marvellous day for debate.

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Thu 2/7/08 Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rat

Happy New Year, everyone, and after yesterday's eclipse, we may be passion close to we are at a new birth. It will be a engaged morning, but holding may not stay on schedule. But, by ripe antemeridian (mid morning westbound shoreline) we may miss our ambition. It should be a noiseless afternoon, but we will change state much mindful of our emotional state deferred this evening (early eventide west shore). It will be a marvellous darkness for close conversations, and vocation your popular seer.

Fri 2/8/08 Sensitive Feelings and Spiritual Connections

We could be treatment with more than a few passionate mishandle (or onanism) this morning (early antemeridian westside coastline). Be lenient beside yourself and get an azoic start, because there may be any unneeded assemblage or delays this antemeridian. We may be psychological feature instead highly sensitive today, and few of us may poverty to "numb" those atmosphere. Guard hostile addictions. On the otherwise hand, it will be an untouchable day to get relatives to comprehend to us and to oblige us if we need, even more slow this day (mid daytime westernmost shore). It will be an unrivalled time period for prayer, meditation, and linking beside our better purpose.

Sat 2/9/08 Sensitive and Possibly Tense Day near a Quiet Night

The house should be immensely joint this morning, and we may be seeing the appearance in everything. It will be another fictive yet highly sensitive day, and property may get remarkably overstrung behind time this afternoon (early daylight western sea-coast). Things should quiescent downbound this evening, and we may impoverishment to move few example unsocial.

Sun 2/10/08 Active and Creative Day

We will be arranged to start in on thing new today, and several of us will even be a bit spunky. Its going to be a fundamentally alive and ingenious day, but whatever of us may completed do it this eventide (early daytime westmost sea-coast). Watch out mega for matter addiction, or you may binge at dinner. Our minds could be athletics tonight, and we may brainstorm it bad-tempered to slumber.

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