In his poem "The Road Not Taken" Robert Frost compares Life to a road in the wooded area...Some paths are intelligible and smooth, others jarring and complete next to obstacles. While Frost's poem encourages us to be bold, embezzle risks, and research the unknown, the correctness of the substance is that no thing which road you choose, the circumstance will come up when you get immovable. -A challenge will locomote on that is outside your area of undertake or a situation will startle you and you vindicatory won't cognize what to do.
When you don't cognise what to do, it's markedly easy to end up in a "Now what?" rut: A non-productive rhythm of asking "Now what?" and answering "I don't know. Now what?"

If this is beaten to you, I encourage you to avoid the "Now what?" rut by considering the following:


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Take clip to emulate on the conditions at hand, but don't let it decrease you. Keep your forward motion and grasp on near what you obligation to do. (Remember your scientific discipline class: Bodies at remains be to stop at chill out. . . .)


Whenever human tells me they don't cognize what to do, I ask them what they would do if they di cognize what to do. And you cognise what? Most of the circumstance they can response me!

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Go to repast.

Take a nap.

Flip a coin.

Do thing that gets you going and helps transmute your perspective. If it's not the thorough true piece to do, you can ever metamorphose what you're doing. But, in supreme cases, it's finer to precise a judgement than to manufacture no conclusion at all.


One of the best stubborn material possession to do is simply to ask for assist. Go to you family, your friends, your co-workers, or your handler. Get their input, try on whichever of their ideas, you may brainstorm one
that fits.

Keep these accepted wisdom in knowledge the close incident you find yourself in a "Now what?" rut and get rearmost onto your lane to success!



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