Amethyst -Greek "Amethystos", translation-'not drunken', the sandstone was believed by the Ancient Greeks to stop poisoning.

Description- Amethyst is a violet stone, move in mark from washed-out pinkish-violet to profound purple

Characteristics of the Gem- Made from an elementary piece of element oxide and bodily fluid luster, it can be found in sediment deposits. Amethyst has a symmetrical crystal scaffold beside a solidness on the Moh criterion of 7.

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Holistic Benefits- Improves and strengthens the immune system, diminishes headaches and hassle. Provides interior order and harmonize in the unit. Beneficial for basic cognitive process and stimulus.

Gem Folklore- The Greek God Dionysus (God of physiological condition) became wrothful and vowed paying back on any earthly who he came crossed. Ravishing Amethyst came on and the gods upside-down her into the gemstone, redemptive her from a murderous convulsion.

Sourcing- strip-mined in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Zambia, Namibia and otherwise African countries

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History- Amethysts are decorated in the British Crown jewels, Egyptian royal family and jewelry of Catherine the Great. The Victorian era saw the amethyst arise in quality.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Pisces (Feb19-March 20)

Garnet - rootage record imagined from Latin, 'Granatum' (pomegranate), the mush and seeds of the fruit are associated in color to the Garnet.

Description - A followers of gemstones with as good as solid support and chemic compounds with a wide-spreading range of colors excluding blue. The furthermost reputed is the rholdolite Garnet, move in color from rose-coloured to red-violet.

Characteristics of the Gem- determining the exact natural science step arrangement of the transparent gem is difficult, the trust on colour and refractile scale of measurement is used for class. Classic red stones are Almandine, Rhodolite or Pyrope. Garnets have vitreaous splendor and 7.5 Moh firmness.

Holistic Benefits- previously owned for create the bloodstream, provides bravado and support in acceptive fondness. Creativity stimulating.

Sourcing- Garnet can be found in Mexico, Australia, Switzerland, Tanzania, Brazil, Burma, Arizona, South Africa and Scotland.

Zodiac & Birthstone - Aquarius (Jan 20 Feb 19) Month: January

Turquoise - 13c. 'turqueise' pregnant Turkish stone- after-hours Middle English, Old French. Also Persian 'Firouze', the cross given the gem.

Description- violently greenish-blue or paler sky-blue

Characteristics of the gem- Turquoise is slightly permeable and opaque. It is a hydrated radical phosphate of atomic number 29 and aluminum that is defined by action meteorological or groundwater done metallic element bang. It reads 6 on Moh's level.

Holistic Properties- assists in tissue regeneration, helps nutrients absorb into the article. Protects in opposition toxins and pollutants.

Folklore- the past Greeks believed turquoise weatherproof the user from cancer by shifting colour.

Sourcing- Persia, US, Mexico, Tibet, Russia, Chile and Australia

History- 3200BC Egyptians mined Turquoise in the Sinai and Tibetans carved ritual objects out of Turquoise. Montezuma's Grave and wealth aggregation includes Turquoise.

Zodiac & Birthstone- Sagittarius, December

Peridot- chromatic to olive grassy semiprecious stone.

Characteristics of the Gem- A mountain gemstone, Peridot is calculable from olivine- a species of magnesium-iron well-to-do salt minerals. Moh's consistence appraisal 6.5 near a liquid body substance to slippery splendour.

Holistic Properties- stimulates person-to-person swelling and awareness, protecting the user hostile gloom and garnering assertiveness.

Folklore- The Romans prescribed administering medicines out of goblets ready-made of Peridot would build up the remediation. It was also called 'evening stone' as the color of the gem does not fade at dark nor by visible light.

Sourcing- Burma, Brazil, USA, South Africa, St.John's Island, China and Norway.

History- The Crusaders brought the early prearranged Peridot gems to Europe from St. John's Island in the Red Sea (54 km. off the coastline of Egypt), 70AD.

Zodiac & Birthstone: August



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