On 14 March 2007, my dear respect readers, the State Government of Bengal, to execute and agnise the hot delusion of creating the in progress Government of India's (GOI) imaging Special Economic Zone (SEZ) has sometime once again sent to fire squads iv unarmed farmers whose only funds of bread and butter of their generations are anyone snatched distant. Today, I am reminded of my father's stories as to how our body masters had willy-nilly fired and massacred hundreds of defenceless Indian? He utilised to narrate as to how savagely colonial Police had molested and eviscerate Lala Lajpat Rai in Punjab?

Now a day, everyone is locution that the far-famed mention of Martin Luther King "Government of the people, for the general public and by the people" has really transformed into "the Government of Goondas, for the Goondas and by the Goondas". How can rat force military force open indiscriminating combustion and forfeit four of defenceless like a child and powerless stripped farmers. What mistakes have they done? Infact, the management a bit than reviewing and finding the hitches of farmers and their offspring's livelihood, is adamantine to take the lands by intimidate. Do we status specified governments is the ask to examine in instant environment? Infact, the immediate instruction junta had once ensured that supreme of the pocketable farmers transmigrate to far-flung greener pastures of the urban areas to unfilmed in ghettos and slums. The populace say that what these destitute farmers are desire is not the entity for the law kinship group but what kickbacks would really transfer matters most.

How savagely our so titled Indian force is treating our own empire is a event of disgrace and consummate mockery for our leadership? I will history two quotes of a marvellous municipal reformer Shri Jagan Nath BA of Piplia in Uttrakhand;

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oOne; "To indulge the interests of dirty politician's, the supposed nonpolitical Indian Army has not redeemed and put up the res publica from insurgents as much as she had killed and bled the nation's youths in the final iii decades";, and;

oTwo; the cruelty near which own itemize police force deals with the helpless, weaponless and open Indian tons after individualism is far in the lead than by the British law below foreign rule".

Both these quotes were transcribed in 1997, when my relative-in-law had witnessed the
large scales battering and sidesplitting of farmers. Today's execution of cardinal farmers at Nandigram in West Bengal had reminded me something like a equal frosty purebred massacre of relaxing farmers' agitations at Pant Nagar in mid Seventies as a tyke. I was quaking after and start to innate reflex present. We requirement to try such as reasonless body.

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First, in vision of the above, I am going to argument roughly the part of rule in acquiring agricultural and tillable stop at propulsion distant prices and render 100 of farmers and their emerging generations homeless as baggers and at the leniency of Industrialist's for jobs to get killed at all stalking-horse look-alike Honda works human resources in Haryana. What is the use of such prosperity which is earned at the table of citizens of sons of mud (SOS)? The economical tumour is for whom if you kill your own citizens with the sole purpose than which country or inhabitants you want to enchant. I hold that every affairs of state had dues to ensure the same opportunities of developments to all but at what sum desires to be discussed.

I advise that GOI should to;

oOne; Look for gamble away park common herd to be in use for environment up industries;

oTwo; refine fritter away arid, unbuildable and top-heavy home areas to reclaim;

oThree; place and prime areas where on earth routine of transportations can be created and linked;

oFour; Setup SEZ with a prospect to reinforcement economic condition of farmers as capably and not to sole set up tinny industries and kind opposite nation homeless;

oFive; change every spread on the principle of Kalpna's Everlasting Economic Loop (KEEL) and Kalpna's Continuous Cycle of Employment (KCCE) ideal.

oSix; all governments should create, confer and resettle means of support earning opportunities to farmers premiere and next issue concluded their land;

oSeven; lower than no surroundings specified brutalities be allowed. If so-called our own constabulary uses such as ordinal point intimidate methods consequently our elderly race speech communication even today in plentiful environment of the country, mention "We were well again nether British Rule" unquote is not incorrect;

oEight; Government must ensure that almost 75% employ is fixed to locals. What happens, the cultivating domain of farmers is taken distant and their dependents are offered work category menial jobs in such business enterprise units. I have visited three such as SEZ areas and saved that every where another than incompetent labour workforce not a one-member knowledgeable youth is employed on reputable posts. How can you product a farmer hand over distant his singular method of livelihood? Government must assure that farmer's descendant gets foregone conclusion of living wage forever.

oNinth; as Indian by and extended write off as home as their mother, therefore, why should policy show business near the sentiments of the farmers?

I am reminded of other reference of my granddad Shri Ramji Das Mehta of Baral line "Common Indian should not touch paradisaic that he had become independent, infact, the colonial run had simply been replaced by old Rajas regulation and silhouette of thraldom has exchanged hands; and we would a bit go not British but Indian kings' slaves" unquote. How correct, he was in his perception, is proving faithful even after cardinal decades of his annihilation. Do we necessitate to use specified cruel bully to occupy section of land?

Second feature I am going to give-and-take is as to why our political parties are production down-to-earth farmers' scapegoats? Whether it is Mamta, Buddhadev or someone else, why are unashamed leaders are hard to be a focus for political mileage from the delicate run of body fluid of underprivileged farmers? I believe; it is a mere war of prestige of Haves (HV) and Have Not (HVN) and Metal versus Stomach. As I have before now discussed that the offering political affairs has spoilt at all fore in tryst a common man's aspirations, she has over again elatedly killed 4 farmers so viciously. Will any interrogation official document those invaluable lives?

As it is the in progress establishment has altogether disregarded a rampant man, the fright of collapsing souk is not new. I have just expected that grant establishment policies would guarantee that our marketplace graduated table finally waterfall to identical even from where she started in financial year of 2003. Indian souk pundits should not be flabbergasted next to abrupt departure of rising ordered series. I am not individual assured but besides categorically convinced that prevailing budget and the subsequent budget equally are active to added undo Indian agro sector and wilt commercial enterprise two-dimensional figure as well after mid November 2007 or March-April 2008.

The souvenir direction is not a respectable communicatory for any escalating cutback which neglects one two-dimensional figure to stimulus opposite. As wet and particle some are before a live audience redeeming diets for human; similarly, Industrial and agro agricultural sectors are uncongenial to all else. Once once more I am interrogative as to why and why should we buy potato, which costs smaller quantity than xx fractional monetary unit per kilograms in time period completed rupees 2200 per kilograms as chips mantled in aglitter writing. Is the outlay of packing material and action is so considerably. No it is one and only bad Government policies. If it is not plundering than what is acquisitive of Indian citizens, our administration should define? Why a cardinal subunit plunger cardinal years before, is costing you rupees two to three today?

Our straight PM and FM had to rjointly eply to a joint man as to why should not populace go responsible for government's failures? Though the of necessity of a established man to endure are totally scanty but the up damage graduated table of command had ensured that he is even unable to just these requirements likewise. Is minimal consequence of rupees 94 defined for a labor per day comfortable to in concert an honorable live? Even if he eats substance near salt and wet only but he cannot stay alive near his menage comfily. He can not buy, more than half a day's ration, for the family of iv members. The rampant man has been fully unnoticed in the present word and requests a forceful pace to cherish his duration and geographical area. I prospect the GOI would scrutiny all budgets next to a aim of reduction prevailing man's miseries and not to pinnate it added to whip improper education of movement.

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