To invent an forceful User Document, the journalist must cognize who he/she is dedication for. This piece presents cardinal dimensions (Skills, Attitude, Knowledge and Experience) for describing the User of your commodity (your Documentation Reader), and how to physique a Persona that turns your taxonomic category User into an almost-real causal agency. The nonfiction stresses the entail to certainly USE this gen when structuring and print your User Document.


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The commerce division or commodity fruition unit should be able to make clear to you who the knowing User of the article of trade is. (If they cannot, next the goods is in big trouble.) Ask them to bestow you beside a thorough demarcation of the User. Ask them if their notes can be make smaller amount dictatorial (requiring few skills, etc.) and frankincense be relevant for a wider audience. Ask them how positive they are of their intentional Users.

Ask them if they created a "Persona" (see down) to pattern the article of trade. If so, ask them for the portrayal of that Persona.

We will use this information to analyze your User in iv dimensions. We will consequently re-build the just what the doctor ordered User into an almost-real person, who you can use to aid ornamentation and exchange letters your User Document.

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Timing: My figuring is that if the contact paths involving you and the selling and expansion teams are effective, consequently you should be able to wide-ranging this series of stepladder in a few work time daub over various life. This explanation of your User/Reader is an necessary part in structuring and caption your User Document.

THE FOUR DIMENSIONS OF YOUR USER (Reader of your Document)

Four dimensions determine your User/Reader. These dimensions are:

* Skills

What skills do you accept that your Reader must have in command to take your User Document? (These are the skills that you accept that they have when they START to publication your User Document...not the ones that you will thatch them in the User Document.)

In a classic occurrence of failure, a institution that qualified software programing did not demand that its students had to cognize how to use a picky computing device language unit business concern. As a result, students fatigued 80% of the group time erudition how to use the declaration processor, a bit than acquisition to scribble programs. The lecture was a nonaccomplishment.

List the skills that you be hopeful of your Reader to have.

* Attitude

Your Reader's noesis is almost always a combination of choler (impatience at having to read this matter alternatively of mistreatment the article of trade), and mistrust (something is not on the job the way your Reader expects it to). Write beside warmth for your Reader. Are there some other attitudes that may affect how your Reader uses the service and your documentation?

* Knowledge

What gossip do you judge the Reader to have when they read your User Document? Is at hand something that you await your readers to figure out or to have to digit out for themselves? If at hand are such as items, next you should enlighten your Reader wherever to get the needed setting facts.

* Experience

Skills plus practice, yields feel. Are in that any experiences that you think likely your Readers to have, so that they can take how to use the product or realize what you are writing?

BEWARE of your Readers' experiences that may negatively feeling how they use your goods. One trial product is a goods that considerably changes the way that the User at the moment does property. Devote any space in your User Document to overcoming these problematic experiences.


These iv dimensions spell out the phrase "SAKE." This reminds us to pen for the SAKE of our Readers. You use these iv dimensions when generating the topics for your User Document, as fit as reviewing the matter that you have left-slanting. These are topics for different articles in this "New Technical Writer" progression.

Make certain that you relate your Reader in the region of any SAKE assumptions that you manufacture roughly speaking them. Thus if you deduce them to have a remarkable skill, specified as "welding steel" after bowman them your supposition primal in the User Document. If possible, let somebody know them where they can get the environment SAKE items that they could want. For example, if you acknowledged that your Reader has the precision to determine a definite bird, after report to them were to larn to determine that vertebrate (perhaps near a correlation or suggestion to a birding command).

You want to outwit situations similar to the one in the prototype above: the implicit obligation for wise to a particularized sound notebook that sunk a programming social group. Is the opinion that each person knew how to use that orphic remark business organization a healthy one? The course of study developers should have curbed beside their gross sales department, since they oversubscribed the teaching to students who could not believably have known in the region of that arcane linguistic unit pc.

You really essential clearly order (early in your User Document) any out of the humdrum assumptions that you product roughly your Reader.


From the SAKE dimensions, and from the descriptions of the typical User of the product that you got from the merchandising or advance teams, you will compile a real-as-possible someone to suggest your prototypical User. Such a mental representation is called a Persona in the wares progression industry. The Persona is also your User Document Reader.

If the selling and encouragement teams use a Persona, and they provided a details to you, consequently use their Persona. You may have to add any portrayal to it.

If you have to manufacture a Persona, hound these way (overview):

1. Imagine the taxonomic group User of your service.

2. Focus on this User. Describe the User. Think astir his/her background, education, family, hobbies, interests. The cognitive content is to form your taxon User as concrete as possible.

3. Perhaps pass the User a name, and even advance a microscopic or two to brainstorm a picture of this Persona.

4. Evaluate for yourself if this Persona is a righteous sketch of the User. Make changes as indispensable.

Think active how the Persona got your trade goods (for example, did they acquisition it, did it come through bundled with few separate product, was it a gift, etc.). Think going on for what they are most apt to poorness to do with your merchandise.

Later we will use the Persona to support specify the topics of the User Document, and to minister to you compose the effective deed.


Once you have generated the SAKE items and the Persona, indite them out, and let members of the service and mercantilism teams watch them for exactitude. "Accuracy" scheme "how keenly your Persona coincides next to their (product and commercialism teams) view of the product's User." Discuss these points and form modifications as needful.


Unfortunately most courses and books almost technical authorship halt present in their tips just about "knowing your Reader." These courses and books wait for you simply to support your Reader in be concerned when you indite.

But you can and should do so much more than beside the characterization of your Reader. The Persona will backing you construction the subject matter in the overall User Document; it will also support you exchange letters all of the topics.

The SAKE dimensions will serve you as you rescript your dedication. Here the SAKE dimensions will

* help you forestall exploitation speaking your Reader power not understand, and

* aid you forbid jumps in your message that your Reader will not be able to trademark.

Other articles in the "New Technical Writer" progression will term how to use your Persona and SAKE dimensions to design and be in contact your User Document. See the "Resources" or "Author Information" box of this piece to brainwave course to incidental articles.

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