How can one be funny? Is in that a subject area to it? After lashings of observation and reading wit devices, I've found that at hand are tons prevailing way to be amusing. I've compiled a chronicle of 20 techniques that you can try. Experiment and see which proceeding your personality ably.

How to be funny: 20 Tips and ideas

  • Caricature/impersonation: Exaggerating someone (sometimes a luminary or person prominent) and their geographical traits, personality, voice, or communal expressions. Saturday Night Live's impersonations of George W. Bush is one information.
  • Coining New Words: to change or unite quaternary speech to net a new one (e.g. beer gut = beergut)
  • Generalizations: a wide message give or take a few a board or subculture (e.g. "Men are look-alike peculiar vultures.")

  • Hyperbole: exaggerating something for phenomenon (e.g. "Johnny has muscles as big as Rosie O'Donnell.")
  • Insult: a boorish, unambiguous contumely (e.g. low-brow mom jokes such as, "Your ma is so fat, when she lunge for joy, she got stuck!")
  • Ironic words: Saying something counterintuitive (e.g. "Why they make germ-free the hypodermic for fatal injections?", or thing that expresses an content outright distinguishable from the true implication.
  • Joke: a brief parable that typically ends with a laughable development.
  • Messup: Humor supported on a slip-up (intentional or chance), which makes a individual gawp unreasonable.
  • Nonsensical: a subject matter that doesn't construct experience. For example, Yogi Berra normally aforesaid unreasonable statements such as "I ne'er same half the material possession I said" and "It ain't complete til it's done."
  • Observational: discovery the humor in believable situation or trivia (e.g. "Did you of all time thought how butlers always seem to be to be called 'Jeeves'?) Jerry Seinfeld was the artist of this.
  • One-liner: A momentary quip, commonly with something abrupt (e.g. "There are three kinds of empire in the world: family who can count, and relations who can't."
  • Parody: a laughable organism of thing legendary (e.g. "Amish Paradise" opus or else of "Gangster's Paradise").
  • Personal story: a story from your own experiences, perhaps an sticky or zany set-up that you have sophisticated.
  • Prank: cause expects a everyday circumstances but is abused by something unexpected or surprising. The witticism frequently comes from the repercussion.
  • Satire: elusive humor that appears intense at most basic glance, but is truly either humor or something told in a ridiculous mode.
  • Slapstick: bodily humor, typically beside rapid play and antics (e.g. striking human near a baseball game bat).
  • Surprise Ending: a tale that builds up to an predicted ending, but surprises the beholder next to an abrupt, silly, and hasty closing moments.
  • Taboo (Crude) Humor: not becoming for whatever settings. This is message based on subjects that mightiness slight many nation (e.g. flatulence, body parts, etc).
  • Understatement: fashioning thing titanic footling for upshot (e.g. "Bill Gates could likely drop a few items on the monetary unit card.")
  • Zinger: a naturally to the point epigram that pokes fun at organism or thing. (e.g. "N'Sync? More like, N'sucked.")
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