The Kama Sutra is one of the first treatises on intercourse and physiological property positions. It is graphical by Vatsyayana and a number of of the physiological property positions mentioned in the Kama Sutra are planetary prominent when it comes to pleasance. The past leader is categorized into diverse positions based on the post of the antheral and egg-producing in relevancy to all other and can be biramous into individual most important categories:

Sitting Positions

As the moniker suggests, some the mannish and female are seated during social intercourse. The supreme favourite seating area situation delineated in the Kama Sutra is The Kshudgaga part. It is a position where on earth the female sits next to her thighs up and her toughness on either players of the man's waistline. The Kshudgaga station offers set access but is believed to proffer extreme pleasure, and is considered one of the supreme physical seated positions mentioned in this scout.

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Another sitting situation that requires sizeable sleight is the Padma location. Instead of wrapper her stamina around the male's waist, the woman wraps her ankles about the man's external body part and the man brace her thighs for better-quality penetration. The onrush achieved is greater in this station but requires considerably more than endurance and energy.

Standing Positions

Standing positions pertain one or some partners standing during social intercourse. One of the supreme popular and 'demanding' standing positions in the Kama Sutra is the Avalambitaka responsibility. The posting requires the man to stomach patch the adult female wraps her toughness on all sides the man's waistline and the man supports the woman's weight next to his hands spell the female wraps her guardianship about the man's collar for second buttress. Due to the stern quality of the position, the Avalambitaka task is thoughtful really strenuous but as well fantastically physical and heavy.

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Another animal location is the Sammukha place. The feminine stands antagonistic a partition and spreads her legs, patch the staminate penetrates her, some are facing respectively opposite (hence the label Sammukha target facing each separate).

Rear Entry Positions

Although the utmost best-selling rear hallway posting the global ended is the 'doggie' style, the Kama Sutra has various back way in positions. The maximum pleasurable and as well tickling one is the Svanaka task. In this position, the manly is straight patch the pistillate aeroembolism completed and gives her article arm by encouraging her article beside her palms heart-rending the flooring. Since the young-begetting penetrates the female from behind, the woman's plane and lightness kick up your heels a vital part in this physical finesse.

Other Positions in the Kama Sutra

Apart from the positions mentioned above, in that are many 'woman on top' and 'man on top' positions described in the Kama Sutra. One of the supreme popular is the Vadavaka job where the female is on top piece her rear is to the man.

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